Welcome to Rome! We offer a family and unique accommodation, definititely different from any hotel in Rome. Our B&B have one bedroom with private bathroom and a lounge all discretly separated but within the hosts apartment.

A different and cozy solution to make the best of Rome’s life and what this magical city has to offer between restaurants, landmarks and attractions.

Let us welcome you in our B&B!


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You’ll be welcome in our city, Rome.

We’ll be delighted to advice you on how to make the most of the ethernal city including the Vatican, archeological sites, shopping and where to indulge yourself with the best italian cuisine.

This magical city will bring you emotions and you’ll soon find out how much there is to see, we can help you discover even those hidden gems that only locals knows about.

Make the most of Rome

Have you been to Rome already? We can suggest areas that you haven’t see yet.

We are certain that you haven’t experience the whole of the city.

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Via Crescenzio, 107

00193 Roma Prati