Landmarks and museums

A city full of glory and ancient history will offer you plenty of different landmarks and museums.



Click on the photo on the left to see the full list and have a look at the map at the end of this page to check how close they are from the B&B.


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Food experience in Rome 

Food in Rome means emotions, colours and aroma.


There are excellent restaurants and cafes in every area of the city.


We can suggest the best affordable trattorie where you can try local dishes so you can have the best food experience.



Click on the image to see a few trattorie we suggest. (Italian texts on another site)

Vatican city

Vatican city

Our B&B is in walking distance from Vatican city (about 11 minutes, approx 850 meters from San Peter Square).

If you are visiting to see the Pope or for religious purpopes B&B Angela al Vaticano is the one for you.

Click on the image to check the Vatican website.

Shopping experience

All the high end fashion brands have a boutique in Rome but you can also find local shops that offer unique and more affordable products.

Click on the photo to find out the 11 shopping locations in Rome.


Shopping for everyone!

Via Crescenzio, 107

00193 Roma Prati